April 15, 2022
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How you can practically optimize your forms


Craig Sullivan


Optimal Visit


Alun Lucas


Zuko Analytics


I got two of the main form optimization experts around a table and asked them everything you need in order to improve your on-site forms.
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Guido X Jansen

Guido has a background as Cognitive psychologist and worked as CRO specialist on both the agency and client-side. In 2020 Guido won the individual Experimentation Culture Award.
Guido X JansenGuido X Jansen


Both Craig and Alun will be at www.experimentationelite.com on April 27th in London. Tickets now sold out, but the next event will be 2nd December in London.

In the episode we touch upon the following topics:

  • Mobile / Desktop - differences & optimisation
  • The submit button - what insight you can gain from it
  • Mobile Keyboard Layouts & Autocorrect
  • Inline Validation - why use it, when to trigger, how to minimise user stress
  • Confirming email / password - why do it?
  • Error messages - placement, style, how to make them informative & useful
  • Password Rules - the fallacy of complex passwords being strong
  • Phone number fields - should you include them? formatting guidelines
  • Labels & Field Design - using a design system
  • Dropdowns - why you should almost always use alternatives that work better
  • Contrast & Font issues - (Craig)
  • Problem fields - how to identify on your form what drives abandonment
  • Time Savers - Address lookup, Native payment, Express checkout
  • Transition between stages - back button, forward, not wiping info, progress indicators that don't lie

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