December 30, 2022
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How to craft copy on the PDP to convert more first-time buyers


Rishi Rawat


Frictionless Commerce


Together with Rishi we explore how you should craft your PDP copy to convert more first-time e-commerce buyers
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Rishi Rawat

eCommerce Marketing, Buyer Psychology
Frictionless Commerce
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Episode host

Guido X Jansen

Guido has a background as Cognitive psychologist and worked as CRO specialist on both the agency and client-side. In 2020 Guido won the individual Experimentation Culture Award.
Guido X JansenGuido X Jansen


The 9 psychological variables we can plan with:

  1.  People are skeptical of “too good to be true”
  2.  They find expertise sexy
  3.  They root for people who beat the odds
  4.  They are fascinated by surprising details
  5.  They are visual animals
  6.  They need motivation to break habits
  7.  They love personalized experiences
  8. They like knowing they’ve stumbled onto something rare
  9. We must resolve their negative thoughts

Also check out Rishi's Youtube channel Understanding How Shoppers Think, a show he hosts together with Lorenzo Carreri.

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