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The CRO.CAFE Podcast booth at the Digital Analytics Conference 2019

Some stats from our first year (2019)

FYI: our first year the podcast was completely Dutch, we've since switched to English.

A side note for the data nerds amongst us: A weird thing with podcasts (especially when your background is in web analytics / CRO) is that you actually have no data on how many people are subscribed.

This is because...
1) ...subscription happens inside all the different podcasts apps(of which there are many) and not centrally and
2) totally depends on the podcast app if you get access to this data at all.
For example: Apple podcasts (which accounts for 43% of all episode plays) doesn't show subscriber counts.

We can of course make a rough estimation based on the data we do have:
From the podcast apps that do share statistics, we have the most episode plays coming from Spotify: they account for 18% of the total episode plays. We also know that we have 725 subscribers on Spotify. If we extrapolate this (and assume similar listen > subscription rates across podcast apps) we get to a total of (400/ 0.18 =) 2222 subscribers by the end of 2019.

Doing the same calculation in October 2020 shows us we're currently at 4028 subscribers.

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